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Gorgeous Goth chick Thorn, delights the sleepy city of Canterbury in Kent with some outrageous public nudity at UK Flashers, spanking and roadside masturbation. The pretty ruins of Canterbury castle is where we meet the lovely Thorn who undresses for the camera before exploring the landmark naked.


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We find a park where a funfair is setting up in the background, and Isabel wastes no time stripping off and flashing her freshly shaved pussy. We find a park where a funfair is setting up in the background, and Isabel wastes no time stripping off and flashing her freshly shaved pussy. Stripping off again, this time to change into a sheer leotard, Isabel is caught by passers by while totally naked. Then traffic stops on the nearby road as she wonders around with her nipples visible.!

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After a while Satine Spark finally decides to move on but reaching the inner city she wants to get nude in public yet again, finds a dildo in her backpack and gets naked for a wild sex toys orgasm in a side street to one of Coventrys main squares.

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Public Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is the deliberate exposure in public or nude exhibition or in view of the general in the outdoors in public by a person of a portion or portions of his or her body, in circumstances where the exposure is contrary to local moral or other standards of appropriate behavior. Indecent exposure laws vary in different countries. It ranges from including the genital areas, buns and female nipples. In some ultra-conservative jurisdictions the exposure of any part of the female body is considered indecent. Some countries do not have indecent exposure laws.

The applicable standard of decency is generally that of the local community, which is sometimes codified in law, but may also be based in religion, morality, or, in some justifications, on the basis of “necessary to in public view order.” Indecent exposure sometimes refers to exhibitionism or to nudity in outdoor and does not require any other sexual act to be performed. If sexual acts are performed, with or without an element of public nudity, this can be considered in public view indecency, which may be a more serious criminal offense. In some countries, exposure of the body in breach of community standards of modesty is also considered to be public indecency.

The legal and community standards of what states of disrobe constitute indecent exposure vary considerably, and depend on the context in which the exposure takes place. These standards have also varied over time, making the definition of indecent exposure itself a complex topic. But certainly public nudity, indecent exposure and exhibitionism are all related – and alive and well on the streets of England.

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Emma-Louise takes a pee on the edge of the common as she knows she’s not going anywhere for a while.  She’s then tied to a tree with some nifty rope work and stripped off. Back in the public woods, Emma and our cameraman again risk discovery with some sexy woodland bondage. Outdoor Peeing In London with amateur uk babe Emma Louise. Emma-Louise is tied to a tree and undressed, all the while aware that the public could come across them at any time!

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We take Emma-Louise on a journey through South London in the back of a car masturbating. Despite being really nervous, she strips off and performs admirably for the camera with her trusty vibe in hand.

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Once at our destination, Emma-Louise pops behind a fence for a quick pee in public (with our cameraman obviously!).  Then, the up-for-a-laugh lass takes off all her clothes and roller skates naked around a car park.

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Underneath a railway bridge, besides one of London busiest commuter routes, Kaz does some daring masturbation outdoors on the streets of london for the camera.  Then she crawls through the undergrowth and flashes at the passers by.

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Kaz gets kinky under a major London fly over as she dresses up in some bondage gear.  Blindfolded and immobilised, Kaz and our cameraman are nearly caught! Public Nude In London with wild blonde english pornstar Kaz B flashing, masturbating and causing havoc in the streets.

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In the final part of this movie we see Kaz masturbating publicly besides the River Thames.  It’s a cold day so she does some star jumps to warm up and then heads off on a run before encountering a police boat!

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Scottish wildcat housewife Shaz really pushes the limits of public exhibitionism with a visit to the Palace of Holyrood House. Flashing the palace guards and masturbating under a portrait of the Queen inside the Royal Gallery, until we finally had to make a very swift exit when workmen finally attracted the guards’ attention.

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After our close shave with the palace guards Shaz relaxes in the bar of a city pub by masturbating to orgasm. Leaving the bar Shaz stops to pee in the street in front of the pub, as people walk past, before moving on to flash and play with herself in the busy street outside a bowls club.

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The mature exhibitionist amateur Shaz puts on a show on a bench in Regents Park in clear view of the road. Double penetration with two dildos while pedestrian passers by look on in amazement.

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Shaz takes us on a tour of public nudity in Scottish Parliament building, naked of course, and plays with her pussy at the entrance.

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As a grand finale to the day Shaz Walks the entire length of Princes Street at bar closing time, completely naked and tied in a Japanese style rope harness. Bars empty in her wake as a crowd gathers to follow her in the last clip from this amazing public nudity film.