What Is A Swingers Club?

If you have been watching a lot of porn for research about swinging and swingers clubs, then the information you’ve gathered so far is a lie. Swingers clubs are bars that specifically cater to people living “The Lifestyle.” It is where like-minded enthusiasts meet to party and eventually do what they love doing: swinging! Swingers clubs are not actually how porn videos painted them to be. It’s not always a large room full of people having sex, walking around in all their glory, and just jumping on in on the action without even asking. No, swingers clubs, in fact, looks like a regular club, and swingers’ parties look like traditional parties. However, the difference lies in the free-flowing condoms as opposed to the free-flowing booze at a regular party. Well, at least in the early hours of the gathering. 

While some clubs allow doing the deed out in the open, some offer private rooms. These rooms serve as a safe place for swinging couples who do not want to have sex out in the open. Swinging does not have a written rule on how to do things. However, the unwritten rule of swingers clubs is respect for other people. That means that not everyone is willing to play with just about anyone; jumping in without being invited is a sure ticket out of the party. 

Swingers clubs exist to get it on with people you connect with, just like the dating scene. You need to socialize and know the other couple’s rules, and if you agree to it, you get to do it with them. 

What to do in a swingers club?

Socialize – To have success in a swingers club, you need to know the people there. It would be best if you introduced yourself to other couples or unicorns at the party. Remember that being in a swingers club is not a guarantee that you will get some.

Respect other couples’ rules and boundaries – Not everyone in a swingers club is there for a full swap. Some enjoy the thrill of a half swap, while some get in on only with their partners. Express your desire to join in but also expect rejection as it is a part of the game.

Know the language – Learning words swingers use to identify their needs is essential for you to understand The Lifestyle. Hard swap means full penetrative sex with the other couple. Soft swap is doing everything with the other couple except for penetration.

Practice safe sex – Never compromise your and your partner’s safety. Despite being in the heat of the moment, remember to always put on the rubber.