Karens Voyeur Fun

As the story was completed by her, Karen sat back and also examined the display of the computer of her. She could really feel her heart beating rapidly. Usually, in the late afternoon when she was from home and also by yourself, she will go to her favorite website to check out the new erotic stories which have been published. Some made the giggle of her such as a schoolgirl, some she discovered frankly disgusting, although camera she’d just finished had left her in a state of sexual agitation. The fingers of her still shook slightly and the complete red lips of her felt dry.

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When the character inside the story had urged the husband of her making love to her in the woods, Karen had instantly identified with her. It wasn’t that Karen’s love life was in every way dull; it was not. Her husband David was a considerate and good lover, but there is anything about doing out in a public put that sent a shiver down the spine of her and stiffened the nipples which were now standing out with pride from her big firm breasts. She closed the eyes of her and gently ran the fingertips of her over the swollen buds, imagining herself within the situation that she’d just read through.

Her breasts had constantly been sensitive, these days they seemed charged with electrical energy as they throbbed gently under her touch causing Karen to moan quietly to herself. The idea struck her quickly: why should not she? David was always thinking about looking at something totally new. She was certain she can persuade him to have the outside of her and make love to her. She looked outside, the mid-day sunshine was simply disappearing plus the heat should today have dropped to a suitable, if mild level. She made the choice of her. She’d persuade the husband of her to indulge her fantasy tonight!

David arrived home from work at the typical period of his of only after 6pm. The moment he was in the door, Karen ran from the cooking area towards him and also flung the arms of her around the neck of his. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwining in a wet dance.

“Wow! I have simply been out for one day, babe,” said David breathlessly as they ultimately broke the kiss. “You should have actually missed me!”

“I missed this!” replied Karen with a giggle, carefully squeezing her husbands crotch.

Voyeurism on Holiday – P2

It was the perfect place to start our little fun. I let her get a little ahead of me so I could see if it would work. As she got about 10 steps up from me, Boom! There it was. Her smooth soft ass was in view, and you didn’t have to bend down to see it either. When I told her this, she became excited and said she couldn’t wait for someone to approach the steps. Well she didn’t have to wait long as a couple approached. She had not ever showed herself to a lady before, but she had said before if the chance came about, she would just to see their reaction.

As she stood there and they started up past me, I saw the lady elbow the guy as they looked up. Maria had bent over to adjust the strap on her sandal and had just about her entire butt had come into view. It was a beautiful sight to see. She knew they had seen her and told me later that she had almost cum as they walked past her and the lady smiling at her.

With them gone, we sat down to figure where in this huge park we would go next. As we pondered which way to go, a young guy, probably in his 20’s approached the bottom of the steps. All I said was “open them” and she looked and saw him and knew exactly what I meant. As he started up, she opened her legs as far as she dared not knowing if he had seen her. As he got closer, and she saw that he was looking right between her legs, she leaned over to whisper in my ear. She was so excited and as she told me this, opened her legs even wider to give him a complete unobstructed view of her now soaking wet pussy. As he got within a few steps of her, she looked into his eyes and smiled at him as he walked past her

Now, she was not only excited, she wanted to get fucked. Her mind was racing trying to decide where we could go so I could do the dirty. “Not so fast” I said. I want to make this last for awhile longer.

As we reached the visitor’s center and went inside, we looked around and noticed a presentation already in process with the lights down real low. There were plenty of seats around so we picked one near the back. As we sat there for a while listening, I got the urge to finger her. She felt my hand as it rubbed her thigh and spread her legs for me. When I reached her pussy, I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She leaned over and begged me to rub her clit till she came .I was more than glad to do it for her. As I started rubbing her faster and faster, she grabbed my arm and started moaning softly. I knew she was close and said let’s go and took her by the arm and out we went.

As we got outside, she asked why I stopped. I told her I wasn’t finished with her yet. I had an idea and couldn’t wait.

As I looked around I noticed a train engine sitting there for people to look at. When we got to it, I took several pictures of her as she lifted her skirt enough for her sexy butt to be exposed and that’s when I saw it. The perfect place for my idea.