Crafting a Winning Strategy By Hanging Out on a Sex Finder Site

I remember the first time I hung out with Pablo. He considers himself a master on the so called sex finder sites (like this one). You really can’t tell by looking at him. I mean, he’s all of 5 feet tall, very scrawny. He has a face that looks like he has hosted several asteroid impacts. There’s a certain lunar quality to his skin. As far as his eyes are concerned, we’re talking about fish eyes. In fact, I’ve seen some tilapia fish that look more attractive than him.

But this has nothing to do with looks, and that’s why I can’t admire this man enough. He is the embodiment of a free sex finder. Very soft spoken, shy even, but he gets pussy all day, every day. And I’m not talking about getting pussy because you lied to women. I’m not talking about getting pussy because you rented a Lamborghini or a Mercedes Benz and tried to lure chicks into your car. None of that cheesy shit.

Pablos Free Sex Finder Game

Pablo, as humble and soft spoken as he is, has mastered the free sex finder game. And that’s why it’s just really an amazing experience hanging out with him. I feel like a young Jedi knight or a trainee sitting at the foot of Yoda. It’s just fucking amazing.

And one particular morsel of wisdom that he enlightened me with is the concept of worship. He said that all women desire to be worshipped, and you just need to be that guy who is obvious about giving her the worship that she needs. In other words, attention.

The funny thing is, a lot of guys think that they’re giving women attention by looking at them, smiling at them, and doing all sorts of bullshit. But the problem is, as Pablo explains, it’s generic. You have to be different. You have to understand that if you spend the same money as everybody else on a product, then the price is the same. You spend different currency.

That really blew my mind. I was like, okay, this is a great theory, but is it actionable? Sure enough, he demonstrated it right in front of my eyes. Right to my face, he picked up this chick that looked exactly like Kate Upton. How did he do it? He insulted her. It really blew my mind.

Turning Up The Sexual Heat

He said, “You know, you’re looking kind of fat.” And that got her attention. And then he said something else that got her even more mad, and then he started dropping jokes. Then he started insulting her again, and then alternating with jokes, and then a sad story.

I was like watching in awe. It’s kind of like watching Pavarotti sing Nessun Dorma for the first time, or watching the movie The Godfather for the first time. It was really mind blowing. My jaw was on the floor. And sure enough, she went home with him that night.

So my whole point here is that you have to observe masters for you to have any chance of stepping up your game. Because you can read shit on books, I mean, you can read this blog post, but you have to observe it. You have to look at the context. You have to pay attention to what happens before, during and after so you can piece it together and believe me, no weapon of pussy rejection formed against you will ever prosper. Just keep that in mind. Learn from the master and prosper on